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Coastal Bend Mission Center

Donations to Camp Sionito

You can now donate directly to Camp Sionito through the Active Online registration system. You can donate by credit/debit card or by e-check.

This has been set up as a Merchandise Only session, meaning the “session” has a cost of $0, but you have a number of options to make donations:

If you have registered for events in the past, it will already have your address and contact information – just sign in with your email address. You can use the “forgot my password” link if you don’t remember what the current one is. Or, if you are new to this system, create a password and enter your contact information in order to process your donation.

Please note: After you’ve completed your donation, you will see in large text that your transaction is complete. You can leave the website at that point. The website tries to offer you a trial membership in their services – you can either close the window to leave, or use the “no thanks” button at the bottom of the page, as the membership is unrelated to Sionito.