Coastal Bend Mission Center

Seasonal Part-time Employment Opportunity



Employee shall serve in a staff capacity at youth camps and Reunions held at Camp Sionito of Community of Christ during the 2017 Camping Season, starting June 10, 2017. Employee will also serve in a staff capacity at SPECTACULAR (“SPEC”) starting July 20, 2017.

Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to participating in the following camps:

Depending on the needs of the specific camp, employee’s roles and responsibilities may vary. Generally duties will include the following: Serving as the Counselor/Instructor at Youth Camps, Instructor at Reunion 1 & 2, Counselor
at SPEC, and other duties as assigned.

The employee is expected to stay on the grounds at all times during the camps and reunions.


$3,600.00 for six weeks of work at the events indicated above.


Employee will be responsible for providing his or her own transportation to each assignment and will be responsible for any personal expenses during travel. Mission Center agrees to reimburse Employee’s travel expenses, limited to gasoline and/or airfare, up to $450.00, provided that Employee must submit matching receipts for these expenses to the MCFO.


2017 part-time summer employment application