Community of Christ

Coastal Bend Mission Center

Camp Sionito

Our campgrounds near Bandera, Texas are used by not only the Coastal Bend Mission Center, but also the Heart of Texas Mission Center and various organizations.

For a calendar, directions, and RV information, see the main Sionito website.

For information about youth camps at Sionito, visit our youth camps website.

2022 In-person Camps and Reunions registration are now available. Zoom registration will be available separately soon.

Here are some of the requirements we have for in-person camps and reunions in 2022. Please note that these may change as the situation with Covid develops:

  1. Please use the online registration to help with health pre-screening and expedite check-in.
  2. When you get to the checkout page for payment, **DO NOT CHOOSE THE REFUND OPTION**.  That is a sales effort by the online service company and they will charge you a huge fee.  If for any reason you can’t come at the last minute, we will refund your total fee.
  3. Registration is open up to 2 weeks before camp starts.  There will be no late and no walk-in registrations.
  4. When you arrive at camp, you will be screened in your vehicle.  **DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN SCREENED**.
  5. Masks will not be required, but we will have some available to those who want to wear masks.
  6. All staff are vaccinated.
  7. Part of the screening in your vehicle may include taking your temperature.  If anyone in your vehicle does not pass the screening, all of you will have to go home.
  8. If someone comes down with Covid-19 symptoms during the week, they will be quarantined and parents will need to come pick them up within 8 hours*. (*The time may be extended by the Camp Director depending on parent’s distance from campground and the time of notification for need of pick-up.)
  9. In addition, we have taken a number of actions to help make our camp experiences safer. These include air cleaners in every cabin. Food service has been updated to lessen the chance of spreading the virus. Accommodations have been made to help with adequate distancing.
  10. At this time we will no longer require a Covid-19 test for check-in for any camp at Camp Sionito. It is now recognized that the Covid-19 test does not determine if a person is contagious or not. We will still check temperatures and check for symptoms for all staff and attendees during check-in. Everyone must have a normal temperature and be symptom free of Covid or you will be sent home and a full refund of your registration will be processed. If anyone becomes ill during camp, they will be quarantined to a quarantine cabin until it is determined that they do not have Covid-19 and/or they decide to go home. If a camper is sent home during the week, a partial refund of the camp registration will be processed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We know that some will not be able to attend for any number of reasons.  We are making arrangements to have some Zoom sessions so you can join in virtually a few times during the week. We will send out notices for you to sign up so we know who to send Zoom invitations to.

Online registration is now open for all Reunions and Youth Camps at the link below.  Registration for the Youth Camps includes your camp’s T-shirt.  If you can’t come, you can still purchase a camp T-shirt by going to the online registration site and choose the “Merchandise Only . . .” session.

We are really excited about seeing you all in person at camp(s) this summer!  Even with all of the above, it will be wonderful to be together again.