Community of Christ

Coastal Bend Mission Center


Who we are

The Coastal Bend Mission Center is a group of Community of Christ congregations located in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana.

Our core values:


The spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of each person is of paramount importance. All activities will be age appropriate, planned with the best interests of the participants in mind, and aligned with church priorities and mission. Activities will be conducted in full compliance with church policies and procedures and applicable state and federal laws.


Activities will value and affirm the worth of all persons and promote ministries of peace and justice. Activities will provide opportunities for life-changing experiences and the formation of life-long relationships with God and Christ. Activities will assist persons in discovering, cultivating, and expressing their gifts and talents.


Activities will promote the mission of the church and assist persons in discipleship formation. Activities inspire persons to share their testimony of the living Christ with others. People will be empowered to witness to others, experience spiritual growth, live according to Christian principles, and participate in the life of the Church.